Just Greens Growing Garden & The Mini Cube


The Just Greens’ Growing Garden TM and the Growing Garden Mini, are the ultimate growing chambers that allows any user the benefit of growing top-quality micro greens and herbs indoors 24/7/365 days a year.

​​The units range from the bigger commercial unit that takes just over 1sqm of floor space, to the MINI garden that is less then a half a meter cubed and hangs from the wall on a stainless steel stand

​The lights, airflow and irrigation system are completely autonomous, which extends the ease of use of our products.

Can be used both front or/and back of house


Immediate cost savings of between 25-33%.

The ability to use the greens at the growing stage that best suits the end user.

The choice of changing a planting schedule at any time from choosing from a current minimum of 18 different micro varieties that we grow.

When used front of house, the growing garden attracts many a dinner or passerby.

There are no maintenance issues for the end user as the growing garden is completely autonomous, all the end user has to do is simply harvest the produce.

Only fresh water is used to irrigate the growing plants. There are no pesticides or nutrients added.

Health benefits include: the instant boost micro greens give to the nutritional value of a meal or snack as they are rich in phytonutrients and other health-promoting compounds – in most cases they are more nutrient-dense than their mature counterparts, so a little goes a long

Cons & Power Consumption

In Summer and Winter,10lts & 5lts of water are used per day, respectively.

Just Greens team will come in for 15mins, once or twice a week to swap out trays and do brief maintenance.

Power consumption is less then 2kWh and 4kWh of energy per day.

We think this makes our Growing Gardens the most efficient appliances you’ll have in your kitchen.